Summary of the video ‘Toi Moi Tales’ OPEN UP on Relationship, Life || ​⁠toimoitales || Assamese PODCAST || Episode52

Speakers: Host, Toi Moi Tales


In the 52nd episode of the Assamese podcast, the host invites popular social media account ‘Toi Moi Tales’ to discuss their journey and perspective on life and relationships. Toi Moi Tales, who are deeply involved in content creation, share their experiences and insights. They highlight the importance of looking at life through a positive lens, even acknowledging the challenges that come with content creation and maintaining privacy in the public eye.

The duo also shares their travel experiences, mentioning various countries like Malaysia, Canada, Australia, and London. They emphasize the simplicity of life and the importance of enjoying it. They also touch on the topic of compromise in relationships, stating that self should always come first, but there is also a need for compromise at times.

They express their gratitude for their supportive and nice audience, who they say are a major part of their journey. They also discuss the challenges and rewards of being influencers, especially in the context of Mumbai. Towards the end, they express their hope to open up more in the future and thank the host for the opportunity.

Important Points and Facts:

  1. Toi Moi Tales is deeply involved in content creation.
  2. They emphasize the importance of positivity and enjoying life.
  3. They have traveled to various countries like Malaysia, Canada, Australia, and London.
  4. They discuss the challenges of being influencers and maintaining privacy.
  5. They have a supportive and nice audience.
  6. They believe in self-first but also acknowledge the need for compromise in relationships.

Actionable Items:

  1. Continue to create content that resonates with the audience.
  2. Maintain a balance between personal life and public persona.
  3. Keep exploring new places and sharing experiences with the audience.
  4. Continue to engage with the audience and maintain a positive outlook on life.

Sentiment of the Video:

The overall sentiment of the video is positive and optimistic. Despite the challenges they face as influencers, Toi Moi Tales maintains a positive outlook on life and their work. They express gratitude for their audience and look forward to continuing their journey in content creation.

‘Toi Moi Tales’ OPEN UP on Relationship, Life || ​⁠toimoitales || Assamese PODCAST || Episode52