Summary of the video NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS?! | EP 353 | ShxtsNGigs Podcast

Executive Summary:

Title: NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS?! | EP 353 | ShxtsNGigs Podcast


  • Main Host: James
  • Co-host: Fuad (Ffages)
  • Mention of other participants: Ellis and others from their friendship group

Important Points and Facts:

  • The podcast episode is centered around the theme of New Year’s resolutions and begins with the hosts discussing their plans for the year 2024.
  • The hosts introduce a fitness challenge involving a wearable device (WHOOP band) that tracks strain, sleep, and recovery, creating a competition with a £1000 prize for the top performers.
  • The challenge is designed to be fair, considering different preferences and goals, and aims to encourage participants to take their fitness and sleep seriously.
  • They discuss personal resolutions, with James mentioning he doesn’t have any specific ones but wants to continue the positive momentum from the previous year.
  • Fuad expresses his intention to start creating his own content, which has been on the back burner for a while.
  • They introduce a new segment called “Back to School,” where they answer key stage three educational questions.

Actionable Items:

  • Order WHOOP bands for the fitness challenge and set up subscriptions for participants.
  • Start the fitness challenge and track progress over eight weeks.
  • Participants should focus on improving their sleep, fitness, and recovery as part of the challenge.
  • Fuad plans to execute his resolution by creating his own content.

Sentiment of the Video:

  • The sentiment of the video is positive and motivational, with a focus on self-improvement and setting goals for the new year.
  • The hosts share a sense of camaraderie and friendly competition, encouraging each other and their listeners to strive for better health and personal growth.
  • There is a playful tone with segments that involve humor and role-playing, adding an entertaining aspect to the discussion of resolutions.
  • The hosts reflect on the past year positively, expressing satisfaction with their growth and achievements.


The podcast episode “NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS?!” from the ShxtsNGigs Podcast features hosts James and Fuad discussing their plans and resolutions for the year 2024. They introduce a fitness challenge involving a WHOOP band to track their physical activity, sleep, and recovery, with a £1000 prize for the winners. The challenge aims to motivate participants to take their health seriously. Personal resolutions are shared, with Fuad revealing his intention to create his own content. The episode also includes a new educational segment called “Back to School,” where the hosts answer key stage three questions. The overall sentiment of the video is uplifting and focuses on self-improvement, with a positive reflection on the previous year’s successes.

NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS?! | EP 353 | ShxtsNGigs Podcast