Summary of the video "In 2024 geht’s nochmal 10x nach unten!" - Bau Insider Gebhardt Bauzentrum

The video titled “In 2024 geht’s nochmal 10x nach unten!” features an interview with Kai Lerch, the managing director of Gephardt Bauzentrum, discussing the current state of the construction industry. Lerch predicts that the industry will experience a further decline of 10 plus 6 percent in 2024. He highlights the difficult times the industry is facing and the challenges of cost-cutting measures. Lerch suggests that customers should take advantage of the current situation by considering different offers from construction companies and comparing them. He also discusses the impact of increased interest rates and the speed at which the industry needs to adapt. Lerch expresses concern about the bankruptcy of large real estate developers and attributes the difficulties in the industry to the current political situation and rising interest rates. He also mentions the introduction of a raw material tax in NRW and the potential impact of climate change regulations on the construction industry. Lerch emphasizes the need for digitization in the industry but notes that there is still a conservative mindset among construction professionals. He also discusses the impact of demographic changes and the possibility of expanding business fields in other countries. Lerch addresses viewer questions about delivery bottlenecks, supply chains, and the affordability of properties in Germany. He advises real estate owners to be cautious in making energy-saving investments and suggests that now is a good time to plan construction projects due to the current challenges in the industry. Lerch predicts that the construction industry will continue to face difficulties in 2023 and 2024, with a decline in sales and the potential for bankruptcies. He believes that the industry will present opportunities for those looking to build or buy properties.

"In 2024 geht’s nochmal 10x nach unten!" - Bau Insider Gebhardt Bauzentrum