Summary of the video Chris Christie I did my job; I was the only one who went after Trump directly


  1. Dan Goldman
  2. Jared Moskowitz
  3. Chris Christie
  4. Mika Brzezinski
  5. Willie Geist
  6. Mike Barnicle

Important Points and Facts:

  1. Chris Christie, a 2024 presidential candidate, was a part of the recent Republican debate.
  2. Christie claims to have directly confronted Donald Trump on numerous issues during the debate, including his stance on Ukraine, his relationship with Putin, and his failure to build the wall in Mexico.
  3. Christie criticizes other candidates for not challenging Trump, suggesting they are hoping to secure positions in his administration.
  4. Christie also criticizes Trump’s call for the execution of Mark Milley, calling it reprehensible and a pattern of behavior for Trump.
  5. Christie discusses his immigration policy, emphasizing the need for secure borders, effective immigration laws, and more treatment for drug addiction.
  6. Christie believes he is the candidate who can take on both Trump and Biden and has every intention of winning in New Hampshire.

Actionable Items:

  1. Christie urges viewers to donate to his campaign to continue his fight against Trump and to help him stay on the debate stage.

Sentiment of the Video: The sentiment of the video is a mix of confrontational and assertive. Christie defends his actions during the debate and asserts his ability to challenge Trump. He criticizes Trump and other candidates while promoting his own policies and campaign. The interviewers question Christie’s actions during the debate and his plans for the future.

Chris Christie I did my job; I was the only one who went after Trump directly