Summary of the video Carmine Persico and The Colombo Wars | FULL DOCUMENTARY

Title: Carmine Persico and The Colombo Wars | FULL DOCUMENTARY

Speakers: The documentary does not list specific speakers, but it involves various historical figures from the Colombo crime family, including Carmine Persico and Victor Orena, as well as law enforcement officials and possibly narrators providing historical context and details.

Important Points and Facts:

  • Carmine Persico, also known as “Junior,” was a notorious mobster and the long-time boss of the Colombo crime family.
  • Persico retained power over the family despite serving a life sentence in prison.
  • Victor Orena was appointed acting boss due to his loyalty to Persico but became increasingly rebellious.
  • The rivalry between Persico and Orena led to a violent internal conflict known as the Colombo Wars.
  • Persico’s criminal activities included bookmaking, loan sharking, hijacking, and extortion.
  • Persico was involved in the hit that led to the murder of Albert Anastasia, boss of the Mangano crime family.
  • Persico and the Gallo brothers were initially allies but became enemies during the First Colombo War.
  • Joe Colombo, after becoming boss, was shot and paralyzed at a rally, leading to his eventual death.
  • Persico’s rise to power involved eliminating rivals and consolidating control over the family.
  • The Colombo Wars resulted in numerous murders and disappearances, destabilizing the family and attracting law enforcement scrutiny.
  • Gregory Scarpa, a loyalist to Persico, played a significant role in the violence during the wars.
  • The Third Colombo War ended with the arrest of Victor Orena and the conviction of many family members.
  • Persico continued to run the family from prison, appointing his son Alphonse “Allie Boy” Persico and later a panel to manage the family’s activities.
  • The Colombo family was significantly weakened by the wars, with many members becoming informants or being imprisoned.
  • Carmine Persico died in prison in 2019, marking the end of an era for the Colombo family.

Actionable Items:

The documentary does not provide actionable items as it is a historical recount of events.

Sentiment of the Video:

The sentiment of the video is likely to be somber and cautionary, highlighting the destructive impact of organized crime and internal power struggles on both the perpetrators and society. The documentary probably takes a critical view of the violence and criminal activities associated with the Colombo crime family, as well as the personal tragedies of those involved.

Carmine Persico and The Colombo Wars | FULL DOCUMENTARY