Summary of the video “BTS, Help Me Get My Girl Back” | EP.140 | The BTS Podcast

Executive Summary:

The BTS Podcast Episode 140 features hosts Sharon, Beatrice, and Tammy discussing listener dilemmas and their personal views on various topics. In this episode, they address a dilemma titled “Please Help Me Get My Girl Back” and share their thoughts on the situation. They also talk about their experiences with the hair care brand Plant Made and its products. Additionally, they discuss the concept of exes or past romantic interests “spinning the block” or attempting to rekindle relationships after a significant amount of time has passed. The hosts also mention their updates to the BTS Podcast playlist with new song additions. The episode concludes with a discussion about a tweet concerning a boyfriend who combined his girlfriend’s birthday vacation with a boys’ trip, which led to a disappointing experience for the girlfriend.


  • Sharon
  • Beatrice (Beatrice Tammy)
  • Tammy

Important Points and Facts:

  • The dilemma involves a man who wants to reconnect with a woman he knew from the past, believing she might be “the one.” He acknowledges his past mistakes and hopes she will hear the podcast and reach out to him.
  • The hosts express mixed feelings about the situation, suggesting the man should make the first move and show intentionality if he genuinely wants to rekindle the relationship.
  • They also discuss the importance of recognizing personal growth and change in both parties before attempting to restart a relationship.
  • The hosts share their positive experiences with Plant Made hair care products, recommending specific items like Rain, Soil, and Drizzle.
  • The discussion on “spinning the block” explores the hosts’ perspectives on forgiveness, change, and the potential for rekindling past relationships.
  • The hosts update the BTS Podcast playlist with songs by Bobby Valentino and other artists.
  • A tweet about a boyfriend ruining his girlfriend’s birthday vacation by inviting his friends sparks a conversation about boundaries and respect in relationships.

Actionable Items:

  • The man from the dilemma is encouraged to directly reach out to the woman he wants to reconnect with and demonstrate his changed behavior.
  • Listeners are invited to use the discount code BTS Pod for Plant Made hair care products and share their experiences with the brand.
  • The hosts encourage listeners to add their own song recommendations to the BTS Podcast playlist and engage with the podcast on social media.

Sentiment of the Video: The overall sentiment of the podcast is a mix of humor, candid advice, and personal reflections. The hosts approach the listener’s dilemma with empathy but also provide straightforward and sometimes critical perspectives. The conversation about past relationships is thoughtful, with the hosts sharing their personal boundaries and views on growth and forgiveness. The discussion about the tweet regarding the ruined birthday vacation is more lighthearted, with the hosts expressing disbelief and humor at the situation.

“BTS, Help Me Get My Girl Back” | EP.140 | The BTS Podcast