Summary of the video BRACE YOURSELF for 2024! The Z’s REVEAL HUMANITY’S Next Stage of EVOLUTION! | Lee Harris

Executive Summary:

The video titled “BRACE YOURSELF for 2024! The Z’s REVEAL HUMANITY’S Next Stage of EVOLUTION! | Lee Harris” features a conversation between host Alex and guest Lee Harris, who channels a collective consciousness known as the Z’s. The discussion revolves around the rapid changes humanity will undergo between 2017 and 2024, leading to a new timeline starting in 2025, where a “new world” can begin. The speakers touch on various topics, including spiritual evolution, global events, the media’s role, and the individual and collective transformation.


  • Lee Harris: A channeler and intuitive who provides insights from a collective consciousness called the Z’s.
  • Alex: The host of the show interviewing Lee Harris.

Important Points and Facts:

  1. The Z’s Prediction: The Z’s, channeled by Lee Harris, predicted that between 2017 and 2024, the planet would undergo rapid changes, peaking in 2024, and leading to a new timeline and potentially a new world from 2025.
  2. Challenges Ahead: The next few years are expected to be challenging, with potential shocks for many people as they awaken to various global issues, such as corruption and injustice.
  3. Evolution of Consciousness: Despite the ongoing conflicts and wars, there is a noticeable shift in consciousness and spiritual growth across the globe.
  4. Self-Care and Balance: The Z’s emphasize the importance of self-care as a means of maintaining strength and purpose, not just for personal soothing.
  5. The Role of Lightworkers: Those who are here to uplift and help, known as lightworkers, may experience “golden times” amidst the challenges due to their clear purpose and mission.
  6. The Energetic War: The Z’s have spoken about an energetic war taking place, which is not always visible but has profound effects on the collective.
  7. The Awakening: The Z’s mention that about 24% of the population is beginning to wake up and question the status quo, contributing to a shift in consciousness.
  8. The Power Shift: A significant shift in the power dynamics between the ruling systems and the people is expected to unfold over the next decade.
  9. The Importance of Community: Lee Harris and the Z’s stress the need for human connection and community, especially for those who are sensitive or isolated.
  10. The Future: The year 2024 is highlighted as a key year, with potential for both destruction and transformation leading to a more positive direction by 2025.

Actionable Items:

  1. Focus on self-care practices that help release attachment to the turmoil in the world and return to a personal sense of peace.
  2. Engage in activities that foster love, harmony, and connection, contributing positively to the world’s energy.
  3. Be mindful of the media consumed and seek a balanced perspective that does not feed into fear.
  4. Develop awareness of one’s own emotional and energetic states to navigate the changing times effectively.
  5. Consider the role one plays in the collective transformation and how to enact positive change within the current systems.
  6. Cultivate and strengthen personal and communal support systems to aid in healing and growth.
  7. Remain vigilant of fear-based reactions and strive to maintain a balanced nervous system.
  8. Embrace the role of a “cosmic warrior,” standing for balance and truth in the face of challenges.

Sentiment of the Video:

The overall sentiment of the video is one of cautious optimism. While acknowledging the significant challenges and upheavals humanity will face in the coming years, there is also a strong sense of hope and potential for positive transformation. The conversation encourages viewers to take an active role in their personal evolution and contribute to the collective shift in consciousness. The tone is empowering, urging people to brace themselves for change and to be part of the solution.

BRACE YOURSELF for 2024! The Z’s REVEAL HUMANITY’S Next Stage of EVOLUTION! | Lee Harris