Summary of the video Bill Maher Still Doesn’t Get It

Speakers: Bill Maher, Carl, Sharon Osborne, Steve Turley, Mike Johnson

Important Points and Facts:

  1. Bill Maher, a liberal, often says things that are obvious to anyone who has been paying attention to politics for the past decade.
  2. Maher is not a conservative’s friend and has contempt for conservative beliefs.
  3. Maher’s liberalism is described as a “magic spell” that erases aspects of reality and introduces things that aren’t true to be the new reality.
  4. Maher is better than your average liberal as he is able to perceive aspects of reality through the veil of liberalism.
  5. Maher has been consistent in his support for free speech and his opposition to wokeism.
  6. Maher is sympathetic to the underdog and has spoken about the plight of men in a society dominated by feminism.
  7. Maher recently had an interview with Neil deGrasse Tyson, where he made points that appealed to

Bill Maher Still Doesn’t Get It