Summary of the video Are You Garbage Comedy Podcast Trevor Wallace Returns!

Title: Are You Garbage Comedy Podcast: Trevor Wallace Returns!


  • Kevin Ryan (Host)
  • H. Foley (Host)
  • Trevor Wallace (Guest)
  • T-Bone McMuffins (Producer)

Summary: The podcast episode features hosts Kevin Ryan and H. Foley welcoming guest Trevor Wallace back to the show. They discuss the ongoing “Are You Garbage” comedy tour, which includes stand-up comedy and crowd interaction. The tour is heading to various cities, including Pontiac, Chicago, Minneapolis, Madison, Milwaukee, Sacramento, San Francisco, San Jose, Washington D.C., and ending in Philadelphia with two big shows at the Filmore.

Trevor Wallace, the host of the Stiff Socks podcast, is on tour in Australia and has a new special coming out on Amazon on November 14th entitled “Pterodactyl.” The conversation covers a range of topics, from skincare routines and toothbrush preferences to the type of underwear worn under bathing suits. Trevor shares personal anecdotes, such as being taken to Hooters by his dad for his 13th birthday and his experience with playing the drums as a child.

Important Points and Facts:

  • Trevor Wallace has a new special coming out on Amazon called “Pterodactyl.”
  • The “Are You Garbage” comedy tour is nearing its end, with a variety of cities on the schedule.
  • The podcast discusses personal grooming habits, including skincare and dental hygiene.
  • Trevor talks about his recent home purchase, which includes a dipping pool and the fact that he lives in a quiet, residential area.
  • He also shares stories from his childhood, such as his dad taking him to Hooters and buying a ninja star in Chinatown for his 13th birthday.

Actionable Items:

  • Check out Trevor Wallace’s new special “Pterodactyl” on Amazon on November 14th.
  • Attend the “Are You Garbage” comedy tour if it’s coming to a city near you.

Sentiment of the Video: The sentiment of the video is humorous and light-hearted, with the hosts and guest sharing funny stories and jokes throughout the podcast. The atmosphere is friendly and casual, with a focus on comedy and entertainment.

Are You Garbage Comedy Podcast Trevor Wallace Returns!