Summary of the video Aktuelle Banken-Insights So geht Immobilienfinanzierung im Jahr 2023!

Summary: In this video, the speaker discusses the current state of real estate financing in 2023. They start by highlighting the increase in consumer prices in Germany, which has led to a high inflation rate of 6.4% compared to the previous year. This inflation rate, combined with higher interest rates demanded by banks, has resulted in a significant decrease in real estate transactions. The speaker explains that banks offer better conditions for longer-term mortgage loans, such as 10 or 15-year fixed-rate mortgages, compared to shorter-term options. They also discuss the importance of considering the choice of interest rate and repayment amount when taking out a mortgage. Additionally, the speaker emphasizes the significance of the household budget calculation in determining affordability and advises using a free financial tool provided by their company to assess financial feasibility.

Actionable items:

  1. Consider longer-term mortgage options: The speaker suggests opting for a 10 or 15-year fixed-rate mortgage, as they often offer better conditions compared to shorter-term options.
  2. Evaluate interest rate and repayment amount: It is important to carefully consider the interest rate and repayment amount when taking out a mortgage. Longer-term loans may have lower interest rates but could result in higher overall costs.
  3. Use the free financial tool: The speaker recommends using their company’s free financial tool to assess the affordability of a mortgage and determine the appropriate interest rate, repayment amount, and loan term.
  4. Assess household budget: It is crucial to calculate the household budget and ensure that the mortgage payments are sustainable in the long term. Consider factors such as income, expenses, and potential rental income from the property.
  5. Consider the impact of inflation: With the current high inflation rate, it is important to factor in the potential decrease in the value of money over time when making financial decisions.
  6. Evaluate the impact of interest rate changes: Consider the potential impact of interest rate changes on mortgage payments and overall affordability. Longer-term fixed-rate mortgages may provide more stability in case of interest rate increases.
  7. Consider the impact of additional costs: Take into account additional costs such as maintenance, property management fees, and potential rental income when assessing the financial feasibility of a real estate investment.
  8. Research different banks and their conditions: Explore different banks and their conditions, including interest rates, repayment terms, and eligibility criteria, to find the most suitable option for your financial situation.
  9. Seek professional advice: Consider consulting with a financial advisor or mortgage broker to get personalized advice and guidance on real estate financing options.

Overall, the video provides insights into the current state of real estate financing in 2023 and offers actionable items to consider when making decisions about mortgage loans and property investments.

Aktuelle Banken-Insights So geht Immobilienfinanzierung im Jahr 2023!