Summary of the video AITCH! | EP 389 | ShxtsNGigs Podcast

Title: AITCH! | EP 389 | ShxtsNGigs Podcast

Executive Summary: The ShxtsNGigs Podcast episode 389 features a special guest, the talented and humorous rapper Aitch, who discusses his music career, personal life, and his new healthy fizzy drink brand, Sips. The hosts and Aitch engage in a casual conversation, playing a lyric-guessing game, and discussing various topics, including Aitch’s experiences before fame, his aspirations, and his preferences in women.


  • Podcast Hosts (James, Fuad)
  • Aitch (Guest)

Most Important Points and Facts:

  • Aitch is recognized for his humorous and light-hearted approach to music.
  • He started rapping after exchanging joking rhymes with a friend, which inadvertently led to his career when a video of him rapping was posted online.
  • Aitch values genuine companionship in a relationship and wants a partner who can be both a girlfriend and a friend.
  • He has ambitions to act and would be interested in a role similar to the TV show Misfits.
  • Aitch has never had a number one hit but is content with his achievements and takes life day by day.
  • He has launched a healthy fizzy drink brand called Sips, which is sugar-free and zero-calorie, available at Iceland stores.
  • Aitch’s goals are centered around ensuring his family’s well-being and reaching a personal financial target, after which he plans to retire from public life.

Actionable Items:

  • Check out Aitch’s music, including his song “Famous Girls.”
  • Try Aitch’s new drink brand, Sips, available at Iceland.
  • Follow Aitch on social media for updates on his music and other ventures.

Sentiment of the Video: The sentiment of the video is relaxed, humorous, and positive. Aitch is open and honest about his life, showing a down-to-earth personality that resonates with the hosts and audience. The atmosphere is friendly, with plenty of jokes and laughter throughout the episode.

AITCH! | EP 389 | ShxtsNGigs Podcast