Summary of the video 861. WORLD NEWS QUIZ 2023 Part 1 (with Stephen from SEND7 Podcast)

Executive Summary

Title: 861. WORLD NEWS QUIZ 2023 Part 1 (with Stephen from SEND7 Podcast)

Speakers: Luke (Host of Luke’s English Podcast) and Stephen Devonchenzi (Host of the Simple English News Daily Podcast)

Most Important Points and Facts:

  • The podcast episode is a world news quiz reviewing events from 2023.
  • Stephen Devonchenzi quizzes Luke on various news topics, testing his knowledge of world events.
  • The quiz covers a range of subjects, including political events, natural disasters, cultural happenings, and advancements in health.
  • Key topics discussed include:
    • The riot in Brazil’s Congress by supporters of the former president, Bolsonaro.
    • Powerful earthquakes in Turkey and Syria causing massive destruction.
    • Japan’s aging population, with over one in ten people now over 80 years old.
    • Civil unrest in France over the raising of the retirement age to 64.
    • India surpassing China as the world’s most populous country.
    • The approval of a malaria vaccine in Ghana, a significant medical breakthrough.
    • The discovery of an early version of pizza in a wall painting in Pompeii.
    • The Barbie movie becoming the top-selling film of 2023.

Actionable Items:

  • For listeners: Compete in the quiz by answering the questions before the host reveals the answers.
  • For those interested in global issues: Research more about the topics discussed in the quiz to gain a deeper understanding of current world events.

Sentiment of the Video:

The sentiment of the video is educational and engaging, with a mix of serious discussion on world events and lighter, entertaining moments. The host and guest have a friendly rapport, making the quiz enjoyable for listeners while also providing valuable information.


In this episode of Luke’s English Podcast, Luke is joined by Stephen Devonchenzi for the 2023 World News Quiz. They discuss various significant events from the year, including riots in Brazil, devastating earthquakes in Turkey and Syria, Japan’s aging population, retirement age protests in France, India’s population growth, and the approval of a malaria vaccine in Ghana. The episode also touches on cultural moments, such as the discovery of an ancient depiction of pizza in Pompeii and the success of the Barbie movie. Luke answers the quiz questions with impressive knowledge, achieving a score of 9 out of 10 by the end of part 1. The episode is informative and entertaining, with an engaging quiz format that encourages listeners to participate and test their own knowledge of world events.

861. WORLD NEWS QUIZ 2023 Part 1 (with Stephen from SEND7 Podcast)