Summary of the video 7 Cold Cases That Were SOLVED With Insane Twists | Documentary

Executive Summary:

This documentary covers seven cold cases that were solved with surprising twists, revealing the persistence of law enforcement and the evolution of forensic science. The cases are as follows:

  1. Julie Busken - An aspiring ballerina whose life was tragically ended in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, in 1996.
  2. Laura Salmon - A university student in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, found in 1984 after being assaulted and strangled.
  3. Linda Mann and Dawn Ashworth - Two teenage girls from Leicestershire, England, whose lives were taken in the 1980s.
  4. Debbie Davis, Dr. Susan Hellams, Diane Cho, and Sue Tucker - Four victims from Richmond, Virginia, and Arlington County, Virginia, whose cases were connected to the South Side Strangler in the 1980s.
  5. Kathy Odom - A mother in Harris County, Texas, who was brutally attacked in her home in 1987.
  6. Rayna Rison - A 16-year-old girl from LaPorte, Indiana, who disappeared in 1993 after her shift at an animal hospital.
  7. Jessica Roach - A 15-year-old girl whose remains were discovered in Perrysville, Indiana, in 1993.


  • Narrator
  • Witnesses
  • Law enforcement officials
  • Family members of the victims
  • Suspects/Convicted individuals

Most Important Points and Facts:

  • Advanced DNA testing played a crucial role in solving these cold cases, even decades after the crimes occurred.
  • Persistence from investigators and new forensic technologies were key to obtaining justice.
  • Some cases involved false confessions or initial suspects who were later exonerated by DNA evidence.
  • The impact of these crimes on the victims’ families and communities was profound and long-lasting.

Actionable Items:

  • Utilize advancements in forensic science to revisit unsolved cases.
  • Encourage witnesses to come forward with any information, regardless of how much time has passed.
  • Support continued funding and research into forensic technologies to aid in solving cold cases.

Sentiment of the Video:

The sentiment of the video is a mixture of tragic and hopeful. While the stories of the victims and their families are heart-wrenching, the eventual resolution of the cases provides a sense of closure and justice. The video highlights the relentless efforts of law enforcement and the importance of scientific advancements in bringing perpetrators to justice.

7 Cold Cases That Were SOLVED With Insane Twists | Documentary