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This video explores the deadliest and most feared soldiers in history, highlighting their unique characteristics, tactics, and impact on the battlefield. The soldiers discussed include Spartan hoplites, Persian Immortals, Roman centurions, Viking Berserkers, Knights of the Middle Ages, Ottoman Janissaries, Samurai Warriors, Mongolian horse archers, Apache Warriors, and British Redcoats.

The Spartan hoplites of ancient Greece were renowned for their rigorous training and discipline. They fought in a tightly packed formation called the Phalanx, which made them virtually impenetrable on the battlefield. Their military prowess was famously demonstrated in the Battle of Thermopylae, where they held back the massive Persian army despite being outnumbered.

The Persian Immortals were an elite force of the Persian Empire known for their loyalty and skills in combat. Their numbers remained constant, with new soldiers promptly assigned to replace any casualties, creating the illusion of immortality. The Immortals played significant roles in battles against various empires, including the Greeks, and their reputation for invincibility intimidated their enemies.

Roman centurions were highly disciplined and effective soldiers who played a pivotal role in the expansion of the Roman Empire. They were known for their exceptional leadership skills and unwavering discipline. Centurions led from the front lines in battles and were easily distinguishable with their distinct helmets and vine staffs. They were respected for their bravery and dedication to duty.

Viking Berserkers were legendary Norse warriors known for their exceptional battle prowess and unique battle trance state. They were fierce and fearless in the face of the enemy, often wearing bear pelts into battle to symbolize their strength and fury. Berserkers excelled in individual feats of strength and courage, making them formidable opponents.

Samurai Warriors of feudal Japan were renowned for their martial skills, discipline, and unwavering loyalty to their lords. They were trained in archery, horse riding, and swordsmanship from a young age. The Samurai followed the code of Bushido, emphasizing virtues like loyalty, courage, and honor. They continue to be a potent symbol of honor and martial skill in Japanese culture.

The Ottoman Janissaries were elite infantry units known for their discipline, cohesion, and formidable martial skills. They were recruited through a unique system that converted Christian boys into loyal soldiers of the Ottoman Empire. Janissaries underwent rigorous training in various skills, including arms practice, tactics, and crafts. They were instrumental in shaping the Ottoman Empire and left a lasting impact on military history.

Mongolian horse archers were highly skilled warriors who played a crucial role in Genghis Khan’s conquests. They were proficient in horse riding and archery, capable of accurately shooting from horseback at full gallop. Their mobility and ranged warfare tactics allowed them to outmaneuver and defeat larger foes. The Mongolian horse archers left a profound mark on history, influencing later military strategies.

Apache Warriors were known for their guerrilla warfare skills, resilience, and tenacity. They utilized their knowledge of the land and hit-and-run tactics to their advantage. Apache Warriors were skilled horsemen and expert archers, often conducting raids on horseback. Despite being vastly outnumbered, they displayed incredible survival skills and fought fiercely to defend their lands.

British Redcoats, formerly known as British regulars, were feared and effective soldiers during the 18th and 19th centuries. Their bright red uniforms, disciplined formations, and formidable firepower made them a significant force in conflicts around the world. The Redcoats were known for their rigorous training, discipline, and proficiency with the flintlock musket. They played crucial roles in various military campaigns, leaving a lasting imprint on global history.


The sentiment of the video is generally neutral. It provides factual information about each group of soldiers and their historical significance without expressing a particular opinion or bias.

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10 Most Deadly and Feared Soldiers in History