Summary of the video 10 Cases With The Most Insane TWISTS You Have Ever Heard | Documentary | M7 Crime Storytime

ing elsehe started to become controlling andabusive towards MichelleMichelle claimed that Ian would often belittle her and make her feel worthlesshe would also monitor her every move andprevent her from seeing her friends andfamilyMichelle began to feel trapped in herown home and realized that she needed toget out of the relationship for her ownsafetyin June 2015 Michelle left Ian and movedback in with her parents to start afreshshe filed for an annulment of theirmarriage citing fraud and domesticviolence as the reasons for the splitIan denied the allegations of domesticviolence and the annulment was laterchanged to a divorce which was finalizedin August 2015Michelle’s life seemed to be gettingback on track she was working towardsher MBA at Chapman University and hadplans to pursue a career in businessafter her divorce from Ian Michelle wason her way to rebuilding her lifebut little did she know her life wasabout to take a drastic turn for theworsein June 2016 Michelle was arrested andcharged with stalking and harassing awoman named Angela DiazAngela was Ian’s new girlfriend andclaimed that Michelle had sent herthreatening emails and posted ads onCraigslist pretending to be Angela andsoliciting men to engage in rapefantasies with herAngela also claimed that men had shownup at her house in response to the adsand that she feared for her lifeMichelle denied all the allegations andinsisted that she didn’t even know whoAngela wasdespite her pleas of innocence Michellewas held in jail for three monthsunable to post the one million dollarbail that was set for her releasehowever in a shocking twist it wasdiscovered that Angela Diaz hadfabricated the entire story and had setMichelle upAngela had used a virtual private networkto send herself the threatening emailsand had posted the Craigslist adspretending to be Michelleangela’s motive was to frame Michelle inorder to gain sympathy from Ian andsolidify her relationship with himAngela was arrested and charged withmultiple felonies including stalkingkidnapping perjury and forgeryMichelle was released from jail and allcharges against her were droppedbut the damage had been done Michelle’sreputation had been tarnished and shehad spent months in jail for a crime shedidn’t commitIan Diaz was also investigated for hispossible involvement in the scheme butwas never chargedthe case highlighted the dangers ofcyberstalking and the ease with whichsomeone’s life can be turned upsidedown by false allegationsMichelle Hadley’s story serves as areminder to always question the evidencepresented and not to jump to conclusionswithout a thorough investigation.

10 Cases With The Most Insane TWISTS You Have Ever Heard | Documentary | M7 Crime Storytime