Summary of the video 001 Our first pod! Halloween traditions and Steven has a mustache now!

Title: 001: Our first pod! Halloween traditions and Steven has a mustache now!

Summary: In the first episode of PodWatcher, the official podcast of Watcher Entertainment, hosts Ryan, Shane, and Steven discuss various topics that are on their minds. They dive into Halloween traditions, facial hair, and other random conversations. The podcast aims to be a casual and relaxed space for the hosts to hang out and chat about anything that’s not work-related.


  • Ryan Bergara
  • Shane Madej
  • Steven Lim

Important Points and Facts:

  • The hosts introduce the podcast as a place for casual conversations about various topics.
  • They discuss their plans for the podcast and express their desire to have a more relaxed and personal atmosphere compared to their other show, Watcher Weekly.
  • Steven shares a personal story about how their friendship had been affected by their business partnership and expresses his desire to get back to just chatting and hanging out.
  • They mention their excitement for the podcast and the opportunity to talk about anything that’s on their minds.
  • The hosts discuss Halloween traditions and their love for the holiday.
  • They talk about their favorite Halloween movies and their plans to watch scary movies throughout the season.
  • Steven shares his experience of growing out his facial hair for the first time and how his wife’s opinion influenced his decision to keep it.
  • They briefly discuss the TV show Suits and Steven’s recent binge-watching of it.
  • The hosts mention their upcoming live show, Ghost Files, and encourage listeners to attend.
  • They announce the launch of their new podcast, For Your Amusement, which focuses on theme parks and their favorite attractions.

Actionable Items:

  • Attend the live show of Ghost Files if possible.
  • Check out the new podcast, For Your Amusement, and subscribe to the YouTube channel.

Sentiment: The overall sentiment of the video is positive and light-hearted. The hosts are excited about the podcast and enjoy discussing various topics. There is a sense of camaraderie and friendship among them.

001 Our first pod! Halloween traditions and Steven has a mustache now!