A conversation with Kamal Haasan on Hey Ram China Films and Politics Rahul Gandhi

In this conversation between Rahul Gandhi and Kamal Haasan, they discuss various topics including the film industry, politics, China, and the current state of India. Kamal Haasan expresses his admiration for Mahatma Gandhi and explains how his film ‘Hey Ram’ was a way for him to apologize to Gandhi for his previous criticism. They also discuss the violence and hatred spreading in the country, with Rahul Gandhi attributing it to fear and the lack of internal cohesion. They both agree on the importance of developing skills and empowering the Indian population to compete with China in terms of production. Rahul Gandhi criticizes the government’s approach to security and the handling of the border issues with China. He emphasizes the need for a global view on security and the importance of internal harmony within the country. They also discuss the impact of neglecting the agricultural sector and the potential of small and medium enterprises in India. Both Rahul Gandhi and Kamal Haasan stress the importance of politicians listening to the people and being open to criticism. They believe that politicians should be in a position of honor and serve the people rather than behaving like kings. The conversation ends with Rahul Gandhi expressing his willingness to collaborate with Kamal Haasan and support his initiatives.

3 min · 434 words · Rahul Gandhi, Kamal Haasan