ENTLASSEN nach 19 Jahren von SUPER RTL. Was macht eigentlich PADDY KROETZ?

Paddy Kroetz, a former children’s TV presenter, reflects on his career and life after being let go by Super RTL after 19 years. He talks about his humble beginnings, his passion for becoming a TV presenter, and his journey to achieving his dream. Paddy discusses his time at Super RTL, hosting various shows and events for children, and the impact he had on his young viewers. Despite the challenges he faced, Paddy remains positive and grateful for the opportunities he had.

2 min · 347 words · Paddy Kroetz

My Brain after 569 Leetcode Problems

The speaker shares their experience with solving Leetcode problems and provides insights into the preparation process for technical interviews. They discuss the importance of practicing and solving problems, the order in which problems should be approached, the choice of programming language, the value of looking at solutions, and the recommended number of problems to solve. They also introduce Taro, a platform that aims to help individuals grow in their tech careers.

3 min · 435 words · Speaker