\Competing in the Age of AI\ expert Karim Lakhani from D^3 at Harvard Business School

Karim Lakhani from D^3 at Harvard Business School discusses the impact of AI on various industries and the need for organizations to reimagine their business models and operating models. He explores the concept of AI factories, the ethical considerations of AI, and the challenges and opportunities of digital transformation.

3 min · 517 words · Karim Lakhani

\In 2024 gehts nochmal 10x nach unten!\ - Bau Insider Gebhardt Bauzentrum

The video features an interview with Kai Lerch, the managing director of Gephardt Bauzentrum, discussing the current state of the construction industry. Lerch predicts a further decline of 10 plus 6 percent in 2024 and highlights the challenges of cost-cutting measures. He advises customers to consider different offers from construction companies. Lerch discusses the impact of increased interest rates, the need for digitization, and the potential impact of climate change regulations. He addresses viewer questions about delivery bottlenecks, supply chains, and the affordability of properties in Germany. Lerch predicts ongoing difficulties in the industry but believes there will be opportunities for those looking to build or buy properties.

2 min · 314 words · Kai Lerch

Cannabis für alle ARTE Re Reupload

The video discusses the current status of cannabis in Germany and explores the potential for its legalization for recreational use. It highlights the growing demand for medical cannabis and the challenges faced by patients in accessing it. The video also examines the efforts of entrepreneurs and startups in Germany to cultivate and produce high-quality cannabis for medical and potentially recreational use. It discusses the potential economic benefits and job opportunities that could arise from the legalization of cannabis. The video also compares the approach to cannabis in other countries, such as the Netherlands and Switzerland, and explores the arguments for and against its legalization.

2 min · 409 words · ARTE

Cremissimo Cheat Sebastian lüftet Cremissimos luftigen Trick

In this video, Sebastian investigates the ingredients and manufacturing process of Cremissimo ice cream to uncover the secret behind its airy texture. He also visits a gelato maker in Verona to learn about the traditional process of making authentic Italian gelato. Sebastian finds that while handmade gelato is superior, Cremissimo has its own appeal and has won over some Italians.

2 min · 403 words · Sebastian

Der \Healy\ Multi-Level-Marketing trifft auf Esoterik STRG_F

The video explores the Healy device, marketed through MLM strategies, and its connection to the esoteric scene. It questions the device’s effectiveness, highlights the MLM scheme behind it, and raises concerns about its use on vulnerable individuals. The video emphasizes the need for caution, evidence-based information, and transparency in the alternative healing industry.

3 min · 521 words · STRG_F

Der erste Schritt vor die Kamera mit der Idee einer Selbstständigkeit.

In this video, Jörg introduces himself and his entrepreneurial idea of starting a video agency. He plans to document his journey and share it with his audience, discussing the equipment and studio design needed. Jörg’s motivation stems from negative work experiences and his passion for creating videos. He invites viewers to join him on his journey and learn about client acquisition. Subscribe to his channel to follow his progress and learn from his experiences.

2 min · 343 words · Jörg

Die vorhersehbare Insolvenz-Katastrophe (Habeck ist stolz)

The video discusses the increasing number of insolvencies in Germany and criticizes the country’s politicians for ignoring the issue. It highlights affected industries, challenges such as inflation and rising energy costs, and criticizes the government’s response. The video questions whether Germany can be saved or if it is already lost.

2 min · 409 words · Speaker

How to Make $1917/Day Doing This!

In this video, Brock, the owner of a successful cleaning business, shares insights on starting and growing a profitable cleaning business. He discusses the importance of systems, customer satisfaction, and online marketing. Actionable tips include developing systems, focusing on customer satisfaction, establishing an online presence, investing in training, considering an office space, prioritizing work-life balance, learning from mistakes, and reading ‘The E-Myth Revisited’ by Michael Gerber.

2 min · 349 words · Brock

I Opened A FAKE Apple Store

In this video, the creator opens a fake Apple store in London to give away free iPhones, iPads, and other Apple products. The motivation behind this is the rising prices of Apple products and the lack of innovation in their latest iPhones. The creator aims to force Apple to lower their prices by buying tons of their products and giving them away for free in his own store. The store is named ‘Not Apple’ to avoid any legal issues.

3 min · 589 words · Steve Jobless

Mitarbeiter gesucht! Warum fehlt überall Personal? Am Puls

The video discusses the shortage of personnel in various industries in Germany and explores the reasons behind it. The host, Sarah Tacke, visits different workplaces, including a prison, a restaurant, a hospital, and the Bundeswehr (German Armed Forces), to understand the challenges faced by employers and employees.

3 min · 458 words · Sarah Tacke

New revenue enablers in 5G Core

Jitender Manoja discusses the new revenue enablers in 5G Core, including application awareness, network slicing, edge computing, and exposure. He highlights the role of standardization bodies, industry alliances, hyperscalers, and device vendors in enabling these functionalities. Manoja emphasizes the need for collaboration between operators and the deployment of 5G Standalone to unlock the business opportunities of application-aware networks.

3 min · 589 words · Jitender Manoja

Putin nach Flugzeugabsturz Lobeshymne auf Prigoschin

In this video, Russian President Vladimir Putin indirectly confirms the death of mercenary leader Evgeny Prigoshin in a plane crash north of Moscow. Putin expresses condolences to Prigoshin’s family and states that the cause of the crash will be investigated. He describes Prigoshin as a man with a complicated fate who made mistakes but achieved results both for himself and for the common cause. Putin acknowledges Prigoshin’s talent and success as a businessman, particularly in Africa. This is the first time Putin has publicly commented on the crash and his relationship with Prigoshin since their falling out in June.

2 min · 425 words · Russian President Vladimir Putin