Dramatisches Duell 400 Jahre altes Kästchen erzielt zig-fachen Wunschpreis! Bares für Rares XXL

In this episode of ‘Bares für Rares XXL,’ a 400-year-old treasure chest is featured. The expert examines the chest and points out its intricate design and historical significance. The chest is auctioned off and sold for a final price of 6,700 euros. The episode highlights the emotional and historical value of the chest.

2 min · 386 words · Bares für Rares XXL

Exquisit! Erstgebot für antike Taschenuhr sorgt für Sprachlosigkeit Bares für Rares

The video features the appraisal of an antique pocket watch on the German TV show ‘Bares für Rares.’ The watch, owned by Theo, has several complications and is made of 18 karat gold. It is appraised at around 4,000 euros, but a bidder named David surprises everyone with a bid of 5,000 euros. Theo decides not to sell the watch.

2 min · 317 words · videodigest.ai